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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Margaret and Helen

I have found a number of great blogs out there by seeing the blogs others follow in their link lists, and then seeing blogs those people follow, etc. This is how I came upon Margaret and Helen's blog. They also just won The Blogger's Choice Award for Best Political Blog. Go girls!

The kicker here is that Margaret and Helen are a bit older than your average blogger, and write with such a young spirit. This has led several readers to question whether they are who they say there are. Check out the FAQ. I love this blog, and their honest, no-holds-barred comments.
Here is the "About" description of the blog:

My name is Helen Philpot. I am 82 years old. My grandson taught me how to do this so that I could “blog” with my best friend Margaret Schmechtman who I met in college almost 60 years ago. I have three children with my husband Harold. Margaret has three dogs with her husband Howard. I live in Texas and Margaret lives in Maine.

Visit Margaret and Helen's blog here.



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