"There's a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out." -Lou Reed

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Half of My Sky

For so many years, its weight was all my own,
endless blue days and dreamy dark nights
all at my fingertips, and on my shoulders… alone.
Expanding out before me, above me,
bowed by the weight too heavy for me to bear.

Gray misty mornings I somehow pushed to rise,
through dewy tears of loneliness
and repeating, ever-changing seasons, 
but still...
it was all me, all mine, alone.

And then, half the weight lifted.

Your arms took half the gray days, half the cloud cover,
half the rumbling days of thunder, and thick storms.
Your heart brought more blue skies and
helped show me the best 
of the brighter seasons.

You are half of my sky-- holding it for me-
bearing more weight when I am weak, 
sharing the beauty when I am strong.
It is ours together, broad and wide, 
sheltering us, glimmering above us... ours together.

We have braved our own storms, and at times, 
our sky felt low and heavy, but it never fell.
We held it high enough …together.
We endured, saw the next sunny morning, 
felt the ocean’s spray, saw the other coast greet us.
We knew we were strong enough for anything.

We are.

You are half of my sky, holding half of my world above me, 
bright and blue, large and wonderful.

And in turn, I will always be half of your sky.
Through all of our days and nights,   
the blue skies, dark clouds, gray storms, and the sea of stars,
I will be here, holding my part,
my half...

with all of my heart.




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