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Monday, December 31, 2007

A New JJ Abrams Fan

OK, let me start by saying I am NOT a Star Trek fan. But, that may change soon. ;0)

If you refer back to my blog entry on November 26--"Live your Dreams--One Man's Life"-- I told a little of the story of Randy Pausch. He has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and does not have long to live, but has inspired millions with a lecture he gave at Carnegie Mellon (where he was a professor). He is just a good person, and while the whole thing is sad, following his journey also lifts my spirits and gives me hope somehow--mainly that good people doing good things DO make a difference in this life.

Now, back to the Star Trek reference. I have been trying to keep checking in on Randy's website to see how (and what) he is doing. It turns out that JJ Abrams (pictured-above), who is directing the new Star Trek movie, did a very wonderful thing.
The following is taken directly from a post on Randy's website:

This is, by far, the coolest thing (okay, #2 behind the palliative chemo working). JJ Abrams (Hollywood producer/director who did the TV series "Lost," the movie "Mission Impossible III" and a bunch of other stuff) emailed me, out of the blue:

JJ Abrams wrote:

Dear Randy --

Hi there -- I'm JJ Abrams, director of the new Star Trek movie. I read about you and your condition, and ALSO your affinity for things Trek. So, I just wanted to put the invitation out there -- that if you had any desire to be in the film (can't promise you role as CAPTAIN, but... we could do SOMETHING!), it would be my honor and pleasure. The last thing I want to do is intrude, so feel free not to reply --but I wanted to make sure you knew that, if you are willing and able, the door is wide open. I hope that your treatments are going well and that we get to meet one day.

Best, JJ

Naturally, I presumed this was one of my friends, playing a prank. But after a little sleuthing, it was clear it was for real. Jai & I hopped a plane to LA, where I got a custom-made Star Trek uniform and my own station on the bridge, where I had lots of buttons and controls. I even got a LINE!!!!
In addition to publicly thanking JJ Abrams, I just wanted to say what an incredibly egoless and cool guy he was. We chatted a little bit between takes, and he is so tech-savvy (and I'm not saying that *just* because he knew all about Alice!). Anyway, it was a truly magical experience. Speaking of Magic, I got to fulfill a long-standing wish of taking Jai to the Magic Castle on that trip, courtesy of Peter Farquar. MK Haley, who is herself quite magical, joined Peter and his wife and Jai & me for an incredible evening.
the "Star Trek" movie will be in theaters December 2008. Don't blink or you'll miss me, but at some point a guy walked across the bridge and says "Captain, we have visual!"
I'd *love* to show you my costume (which they let me keep), but I promised JJ Abrams "no photos". They're trying to keep things a secret; in fact, even on the Paramount lot, you have to walk around in a trenchcoat if you're in a Star Trek costume. It's kind of like being at a flasher's convention!


Isn't that just great? OK, so maybe I won't become a Trekkie, (is that how you spell it?) but I can tell you one thing for damn sure, I am a HUGE JJ Abrams fan.

Happy New Year!

-Kim >^..^<


Saturday, December 29, 2007

News before the New Year

I haven't updated in forever, and I hate for this to be the reason. But, during my time off from work, I have noticed that Lilly hasn't been herself. Thinking back now, she hasn't totally been herself for a few weeks, but I got really concerned on Thursday. So, we went to the vet on Friday, and they gave her some fluids and did some bloodwork.

I was relieved when last night, she perked up, and seemed like my Lilly again. Then, the vet called this morning, and I knew from the tone in her voice that something wasn't right. Lilly has always only had one working kidney, and it appears that her other kidney may be failing. The reason she perked up last night, was that the fluids help--temporarily.

This COULD be a fluke and she COULD be fine. But, I have never seen her act as sick as she did on Thursday, and my instincts tell me this is not good. If her kidney is failing, there isn't much we can do, there are some medications, but nothing that will make a huge difference long term.

We go back on January 8th for more bloodwork and we'll know then.

I love all my kitties, but Lilly is special. She has always been her own little person, defiant and utterly entertaining and loving. I have been upset all day. She is only 7 years old.

What a way to ring in the New Year.

Anyway, that's all for now, and I will keep you posted.

Kim >^..^<


Sunday, December 2, 2007

eat, pray, love....read

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love books, and reading, and I get really excited over really good books. I finished Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert a few weeks ago, and have been meaning to post about it. This book had a powerful impact on me, I absolutely loved it.

The book is a memoir and follows one woman's journey after a divorce and other confusion to do some "soul searching" and to find herself. (I can't do justice in a small synopsis here.) The treat of the book is the writing itself...I love the way Elizabeth Gilbert writes--and I found her words funny, touching and very real. I can't explain it, but I felt really connected to her struggles even though I am going through completely different things.

Some reviewers say they found her to be self-absorbed, and resented her ability to pick up and travel the world to find herself. I say poo to that, I am glad I was able to go vicariously with her on the journey, and I don't know how you totally avoid some sense of self-absorption in a memoir, anyway.

At first I thought this was mainly a woman's book, but a colleague at work said he had bought this book for his wife and then he read it and loved it! So, maybe not.

So, anyway, this is definitely one to pick up. I can't remember when I have enjoyed a book so much. There are some great messages in there about enjoying life, not thinking/worrying too much (I am SO guilty of that), and knowing in your heart that everything will work out just fine.

Kim >^..^<



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