"There's a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out." -Lou Reed

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meet Bear

Did I go out on Saturday and PLAN to adopt a dog? No, I did not. Do I need more chaos in my life? No, I do not. Was Lilly secretly wishing I would bring another headache into her life? No, no, no, she was not.

But, meet Bear. I have wanted a dog for oh, forever, but I have gone to Petco and confidently passed by the oh-too-cute puppies with sad faces countless times. I could even stop and pet them and talk to them. (Several animal shelters and the Humane Society bring their animals to Petco on the weekends to hopefully get them adopted).

But, Saturday, I was on the way to meet my friend Cassandra, and stopped by Petco to buy HER dog a little present. And there, out front, was Bear. I swear that the moment I drove by and saw him, I just thought in my heart: that is MY dog.

This is bad timing; it probably couldn't be worse financially, or logistically, but I can't tell you what this little guy has done for me in just the past 24 hours.

I adore my cats, and the comfort they give me is so dear and special to me. Bear, however, is in constant "need" mode and makes me go outside and exercise, keeps me busy in a different way. Dogs love so openly and unconditionally, it is amazing to be on the receiving end of it. I don't think it's any secret that I have been fighting something more serious than the "blues" for a few months. This little furball has lifted my spirits in such a magical way. He is very laid back and calm, but loves to play. He is the most docile sweet puppy I have ever been around. That was what won me over Saturday. That and that one brown ear. ;0)

The cats are even warming to him. Baxter is already sharing the couch with us for naps, and Lilly has peeked downstairs from her sulking strike upstairs a few times. They will all be fine. I have made sure to give the kitties lots of love and their own time with me to reassure them.

After I had signed the paperwork for Bear's adoption and paid the fee, I was shopping around with him in the cart . One of the Petco employees came up and thanked me for adopting him. She went on to explain that Saturday was his last chance, he was due to be put down. It turns out that of the six dogs there that day, four were adopted and two didn't make it.

I have always known there is a sense of knowing and thankfulness in animals that are rescued, more than other animals, they seem to know that you "saved" them and are thankful.

Sometimes, it works both ways.


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