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Friday, January 2, 2009

Did you know I go to Paris every day?

I do. And you can too. Or to Lisbon, or Tokyo, or Los Angeles. I do this by visiting the Paris Daily Photo Blog every day, and although I would much rather be wandering the cobblestone streets of Paris in person, I do feel a sense of connection to my favorite city through this blog.

Most major cities, and some not-so-major cities have these sites or blogs, and it is fun to virtually travel and see some local sights, especially as the seasons change, or during the holidays.

Eric, who runs the Paris Daily Photo site, has a list of most of the other city daily photo sites on his blog. Take a peek. A warning- it can get addictive!

The picture above was from the Paris Daily Photo blog today, and I just loved it. One of the things I loved about wandering around Paris was happening upon beautiful statues and sculptures everywhere, hidden in private and public gardens, just waiting to be discovered. This one, just dusted with snow, I thought was so gorgeous. Eric does an especially wonderful job of capturing some beautiful shots in Paris.

Let me know if you "travel" anywhere and find a great site!


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