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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crossing the Line

I woke up early this morning, well, early for a Saturday anyway, and turned on the Today show. I had already heard yesterday about George Anthony (the grandfather of slain toddler Caylee Anthony) having been hospitalized for disappearing and possibly attempting suicide.

I have followed this case from afar; I didn't really need to search out any information, it has been covered relentlessly. This is a terribly tragic case any way you look at it. From what I have watched and really paid attention to, I do believe that Caylee's mother Casey is guilty of causing her child's death, or at the very least being involved. I have been amazed when seeing snippets of her interrogations, or any interviews, at her seemingly self-involved, spoiled, and immature manner.

Are her parents involved? Do George and Cindy know more than they are saying? Did they have something to do with a cover up? I have no idea. I find it a little hard to believe having heard Cindy's initial 911 call (which was played ad nauseum when the case first hit the news), and knowing it was she who got the police involved and hearing the frantic panic in her voice for her granddaughter. However, at this point at least, there is no way to know.

This morning on the Today show, when covering George's break last night, some footage was shown of the media camped out in front of their house--probably ten vans, some even parked on top of the curb in front of the Anthony's home. Most shocking to me, though, was the video of one family, strangers to the Anthony's, pounding on their front door screaming horrible things about them being murderers, etc. (these 'protesters' brought their children with them also). The family was charged with trespassing, and you can watch this 'protesters' meltdown below.

My feeling is this. I understand the anger everyone is experiencing. And as the latest details were released about Caylee's remains, believe me, I want justice for her. However, the non-stop parade of 'concerned citizens' camped out in the Anthony's yard yelling obscenities doesn't serve as justice. The woman in the above video may be a 'concerned citizen', but if you ask me, she is also off her nut.

Many people have judged George and Cindy Anthony for supporting their daughter. Many have assumed they must be involved in order to do this. And maybe they are. However, it is also just as likely that they have lost their granddaughter, and the thought of losing their daughter, too, is so hard to bear. It is also likely that trying to accept that your daughter could be a murderer is a slow concept to grasp, and a devastating reality to face. Whatever the truth, their lives are in shambles, and if they are indeed involved, it is the job of law enforcement to find the truth, not strangers who bring along their children to the Anthony's residence to hurl accusations through closed windows and doors.

There have been several articles posted since Caylee's remains were found about how 'popular' the area has become for people to drive by or stop. What the hell, people? What good is that for anyone? I know some people may feel the need to leave a memorial of some type, but when the level of traffic to the site becomes newsworthy, that is just creepy.

The media fuels this madness, giving the protesters their 15 minutes of fame, no doubt luring new 'protesters' to the Anthony's lawn. Every excruciating detail of this case comes through as breaking news on every news channel.

A similar disturbing event happened several weeks ago during the tragedy for the Travolta family, when their son Jett died at age 16. I was watching a very reputable news station and was appalled to see their news cameras literally chasing the ambulance that was carrying Jett to the hospital. Once at the hospital, the news crew tried desperately to get film of Jett being removed from the ambulance. Several hospital personnel and policemen were able to keep that from happening, but I sat there in shock. Who would want to see that? What have we become that a news crew goes to that length to feed a hungry public with those desires?

The media will only stop covering minutia, invading privacy, and exploiting the ridiculous when we stop watching. The question is, will that ever happen?

Given the non-stop coverage, knowing his granddaughter his dead, his daughter is in jail--likely to be convicted, protesters and media on his lawn harassing him endlessly, I can see why George Anthony cracked, no matter what his involvement.

What I don't see is why the whole world needed to know this bit of information.


lydia eve January 24, 2009 at 3:41 PM  

When was this clip taken? This woman is definitely off her rocker. I can't believe the news (even Fox news) gave her 8 minutes of camera time (nor can I believe I gave her 8 minutes of my life...). It is none of this woman's business! What the hell.

Paula... January 25, 2009 at 5:43 PM  
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Paula... January 25, 2009 at 5:46 PM  

Sadly the lure of the "big" scoop and the highest ratings is what drives the media. The more we tune in, the more they invade peoples privacy and push the envelope too far. Unfortunately there is no stopping these parasites (unless we all tune out and cut their ratings) and they will continue to ruin innocent peoples lives without any regard for human decency, morals or even a sense of compasion and respect.

I know nothing of this particular case but I do believe people are innocent UNTIL proven guilty and should be treated as such. What gives this one particular woman the right to think she knows what those poor grandparents are going through or how she would react or handle herself given the same situation. It's a case of thinking things through before opening your mouth or taking action and giving a thorough thoughout response IYKWIM.

Ok off my soapbox LOL


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