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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wii had so much fun!

I traveled to the exotic land of Trinity, NC to visit my friend Cassandra tonight. Her brother Jimmy and his wife Melissa (whom we call Lucy), and their son IV (pronounced iv--and whom I instinctively call Ivlet) all joined us. I had been on the lookout for a Wii for them, and my local Gamestop store got a shipment in on Friday, I got one for them and delivered it. I think all of the adults were *almost* as excited as IV was.
We played the Wii Sports game that came with it, and it was so much fun, and it was amazing to watch the 6 year old pretty much kick all of our butts, and catch on and adapt so quickly. The Wii in itself is amazing, I can pretty much guarantee I would never be interested in playing any other game system, but this one is addictive, and so much fun. I love the way it is entertaining for a whole family--and any age level.
IV is such a cutie, and so entertaining just being himself. He is so animated and funny, and a bundle of energy. Cassandra has told me so many IV stories, and I loved getting to finally meet him, he is such a little character! I missed Cassandra's son, Spencer, tonight, I will have to come back when both he and IV are there!
As I mentioned in another blog entry, I lived with Cassandra and her family for a while in high school, and Jimmy was just a little older than IV is now at that time. It is hard to believe that Jimmy is now a father! But he is, and it was fun to watch him with IV and Lucy.
After we played all the Wii games we could handle, we headed upstairs to the other game system to try Sing Star--which judges your singing skills as you sing a duet with a partner into microphones hooked into the system. It was a riot. The words to the songs come up on the screen- similar to karaoke, and little IV can't read, but did not want to be left out. So after listening to us sing a song once, he would insist on giving it a shot. He sang a Cheap Trick song, and then Born to be Wild with Me, my sides and head hurt from laughing.

All in all, a really fun night with friends that are more like family.

-Kim >^..^<


Cassandra April 27, 2008 at 10:25 PM  

Did we have fun or what? IV is still chanting " Kim! Kim! Kimey! Kim!" Can't wait for our next wii party!

Paula... May 5, 2008 at 5:46 AM  

LOL sounds like a blast - my girls get on the singstar at my sisters and they are a hoot to listen to :-P


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