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Friday, January 18, 2008

My Plumber, the Internet

Ok, I am sure I am going to get some smart a** comments, but I love the internet sometimes. For all the trouble, identity theft warnings, and other bad things out there, the ability to find out about anything, anywhere, at anytime is just amazing.

I am up late tonight working, writing, and decided to put some dishes in the dishwasher and do some laundry before going to bed. I started in the sink, and ran the disposal, and the water backed up in one side of the sink and then the other, bringing up some pretty disgusting stuff with it. I tried running the disposal again, and it seemed like it was in reverse, just churning up this yucky mess.

I have lived in the land of rentals for a long time, and figured I would have to watch it slowly drain (if it did at all) and call the landlord tomorrow. But, the water wasn't moving, and Baxter looked interested. Not a good combination.

I had all but decided to go and buy some Liquid Plumber, which I also hate to use because of the cats, when I thought about going on the internet to see if I could get some help. Maybe all of you know exactly what to do when this happens, and maybe I should, but I didn't.

I googled "clogged sink and disposal". And lo and behold, step by step instructions to get my sink unclogged. I grabbed my plunger, covered the disposal side (which got tricky, as Baxter and Lilly both felt the need to "help" by this time)...and plunged away. Voila! Both sinks drained. I scared the beans out of both cats when I yelled "It worked!"

I am not at ALL mechanically inclined so I am very easily proud of myself for such things. But, God bless the internet at 1:00am here in Huntersville tonight.

-Kim >^..^<



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