"There's a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out." -Lou Reed

Friday, January 4, 2008


Well, I took Lilly in to the vet yesterday for some more bloodwork and a urinalysis. I actually was cautiously optimistic, because she had really pepped up in the last few days, being her usual fearless self, and even trying my nerves a little bit. For instance, when I put her into the carrier to take her to the vet, she growled at me and once inside, turned around, and through the front door of the carrier, looked squarely at me and gave a loud "spit".

She had still not forgiven me when I came to pick her up at the vet and they were giving her an IV of fluids. I walked back to talk to her, and she would not look at me. She would turn her head to the side, and I would move to that side, and she would turn away. This is all signature Lilly, and the vet techs thought it was so funny. She wanted to let me know that she did NOT want to go to the vet, and she knew who to blame.

But, the vet called me this morning, and the tests seem pretty clear. Lilly is in the early stages of kidney failure. We are going to have an x-ray done to rule out some other distant possibilities, but more than likely, we are dealing with kidney failure.

What this means is, I will be giving her fluids at home (like they did at the vet), to in a sense, act like her non-working kidney and flush out her system. She will also get some special food and medication. But, the reality is, this usually only helps for months with most cats. The outlook is not good. Lilly won't be with me much longer more than likely. The vet said that in some rare cases, cats have lived a few years like this. I will hope for the best.

I have had a really sad day. Thanks for all the sweet emails and concern. I will keep you posted.

Kim >^..^<



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