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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just the best news...

I just got home from the vet with Lilly. We got GREAT news, FANTASTIC news. Lilly is going to be OK!!
When I got to the vet, while we were waiting, I had gotten so upset, by the time our vet walked in, I was in tears. He was so dear, and told me to hold on and see what the Xray told us. He said that while her kidney function and urine results were not good, the rest of her tests were so normal that there was a chance that something else was going on.
They did the Xrays, and we waited. He came in smiling and said that "this is not kidney failure". I honestly didn't hear much after that. Lilly's bad kidney is encased in a sack of fluid (it always has been) and that sack has gotten huge. I don't understand everything, but I think that kidney was actually working before, and now is not functioning well, causing both kidneys to be strained and give the bad blood results.
The long and short of it is that this can be resolved and Lilly can live a long and healthy life. We are going to have to get an ultrasound done to identify the exact issue and then maybe remove the kidney (or drain the sack). It is going to cost a little money, but nothing too crazy, and it will buy Lilly probably 8-10 more years, or in other words, a normal cat life.
This animal hospital here is so wonderful, Birkdale Animal Hospital. The vets are a husband and wife team. My pet sitter recommended them, and I just love them both.
So, again, thanks to everyone for your concern and thoughts. Lilly and I are sending you hugs!

-Kim >^..^<


Rhonda January 10, 2008 at 5:58 PM  

Hi Kim,

Great News! Glad to hear that Lily will recover.

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting your fluffy ones, but I see the pictures posted here and they are both precious.

One of our cats is diabetic and she has to have shots twice a day. We have been able to maintain the level of insulin so her prognois is good.

Take care,


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