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Friday, July 20, 2007

My kind of town

I was just in Chicago for business...we were hosting a workshop there, I was in charge of all the logistics. These things are so tiring for me, because while I am handling all the details, I also have to be handling my everyday work--all the emails, etc. I went into town early--on Sunday--so I could scout out good evening plans for the attendees--dinner loactions, etc.
Since I was there early, I went to the Art Institute of Chicago. The museum was amazing-- surpassing even my favorite in DC. I have posted my favorite painting--it took my breath away--"Resting", by Antonio Mancini. This copy doesn't do it justice, of course. It is amazing.
The impressionist gallery there was also fantastic, I was in heaven.
I hadn't been to Chicago--at least not since I could remember. My aunt lived there for a long time, and we went when I was a very little girl. The city is amazing-- if it weren't for the winters--I could totally see myself living there. So much to do, and so gorgeous. I have to say, though, I was accosted by more homeless people than any other place I have been. And remember, I have LIVED in San Francisco and DC. But even after living in those places and traveling a lot to NY--the homeless people here were more numerous and more aggressive. I think most of you know I am tenderhearted on this issue, but in Chicago, after being harrassed constantly, I kind of got numb. A funny story...I was walking around downtown and was waiting at a crosswalk. I watched across the street as a young homeless man bothered an elderly tourist couple--completely harrassed them until they practically emptied their wallet to rid themselves of him. As I had to cross over to the corner where he was, I was ready. Immediately, when I stepped onto the sidewalk, he started in on me, and I just ignored him. he then- grabbed my arm!!! I turned around sharply and very loudly said BACK OFF! He just walked away. As I stood to wait and cross to another corner, I noticed the same elderly couple waiting nearby. The elderly man turned to his wife and said, "See honey, she lives here. She knows how to handle them." Made me laugh.
On the side bar are some pictures from Navy Pier, the only other place I managed to venture to, for just a short walk. I really want to go to Chicago for a fun weekend when I have a chance.
As for the kitties, I came home, and all was well. And today-- I walked into my bedroom and got a shock--Lilly and Baxter were asleep on the window seat together--Lilly's treasured favorite spot! Now, that's progress!



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