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Friday, July 27, 2007

Must see Movies

I just got back from San Jose (took the redeye last night--ugghh). I was there for a training course I am in charge of that lasted two days--plus I had a presentation the day before. I always get all messed up with the time change and can't sleep, so I end up renting movies through the pay-per-view option in my room.
The first one I watched, "Zodiac", was one I had wanted to see when it was in the theaters. I guess it didn't do well, and I don't know why. I thought it was fantastic. But, I love all that kind of stuff. It was not gory at all-- the story was more about what the hunt for the Zodiac killer did to the detectives and reporters involved in the case. I REALLY recommend it. Robert Downey, Jr., who is always wonderful, absolutely outdid himself.
I finally saw "Dreamgirls", and let me tell you, Jennifer Hudson deserved every award she got. I was as impressed with her acting as much as I was her singing, and I thought the movie was truly more alive and interesting in the scenes she was in. She stole the movie right out from under all of them. Beyonce did do a good job, too, and Eddie Murphy also gave a good performance. It was also well worth the pay-per-view fee!
But finally, probably my favorite, "Waitress". I am going to require all of you reading this to see it. This is such a wonderful, lovely little film. Funny, sweet, touching, and just...watchable. I was caught up in it from minute one. I am a Kerri Russell fan, I think she is a fantastic actress, and she is perfect for this role. The sad story wrapped around this film is that the writer and director, Adrienne Shelley, was murdered shortly before the film's release, and didn't get to see her dream of a movie become such a critical success. (she is also in the movie). But, go see this movie (it is still in some theaters) or rent it, whatever-- you will love it. I will own this one.
That's it for now. I am packing for my move, ugghhh. I hope this is the last time I move for a loooonnnnnnggggg time. But, I love my new place. I will post pics of my new home soon!
Also, Baxter is growing SO fast, more pics of him tomorrow, if I can catch him!

Links to movie websites:

Waitress (2 sites) http://www.foxsearchlight.com/waitress/

Zodiac: http://www.zodiacmovie.com/

Dreamgirls: http://www.dreamgirlsmovie.com/



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