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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Elephant Sanctuary

Many of you may have seen me forward emails or information in the past about this wonderful place, The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. This is a non-profit organization that rescues elephants that have suffered abuse in circuses, zoos, or captivity of some sort. I found out about this group once when I was channel surfing and saw a story about two elephants reunited here--after about 20 years apart (they had once been in a circus together) and they remembered each other!! For anyone that might doubt what they just read, if you see the video, you won't. The staff at the Sanctuary had no idea what was happening--only that the animals knew each other somehow...and then they were able to research and find out their history. It was an incredibly touching video--watching these animals cry out and touch each other. I cried, of course. But the show also highlighted the work that this organization does. Basically, once these elephants are rescued, they get to live free on all this land in Tennessee. It's not a public place, it's all about them. The work they do is wonderful, and the more you read about how some of these animals have suffered, it is horrible.
Their website is below, check it out, they are a fantastic organization!


Also, vote for The Elephant Sanctuary on ReZoom:

Final Weeks To Vote!
Rezoom.com's national competition for "A Better World" continues, and if The Elephant Sanctuary can tally the most votes by August 10, we could come away with a valuable $100,000 donation. But we need your help to get there.

Please don't forget to help us compete for this national prize by voting for The Elephant Sanctuary once a day, every day, until the end of the contest. Click here to cast your vote! (Be sure to "log in" in the upper right hand corner of the page, first.) Invite your friends, colleagues and family to join in, too, and help us make it "A Better World" for the elephants!



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