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Friday, June 24, 2011

Dear Photograph

To me, nothing can tell a story like a photograph. In a split second, life is trapped—a bit of history is captured, time stops, and the moment lives forever. A video almost tells too much—with a photograph, there is a little mystery.

For years I collected old photographs I found at various antique shops, flea markets or yard sales. I first started collecting vintage wedding photos, but then others would grab my attention for no other reason than a sentimental tug at my heart because of one of the subject’s expression or a scene in a photo that struck a chord with me. I always felt sad seeing a stack of photos on a shelf in a store, miles away from family members, seemingly untethered from all the connections, lost in time. How did a beautiful wedding photo of someone beloved get completely lost from everyone within the branches of that family tree? With no names on the photos, and no way to trace the time or place, the faces staring back at me remained a permanent mystery.
This week on Facebook, a new site popped up for me to view, referred to me by etsy.com. The name of the site is Dear Photograph, and shows old photos superimposed in the same locations in present time. Readers are asked to submit photos and take a step back in time and remember. It is such a simple, beautiful, nostalgic idea. Just like all the old photographs I love-- my own and those I have purchased-- the moments captured are priceless and haunting.
The site is getting some well-deserved attention and press this week, and I cannot wait to see it grow. My husband and I have both shared some photos we want to revisit, and plan to go back to the beach where we had our wedding photos each year and find the same spot and get a photo taken so we can celebrate each new year together. I know this site will inspire more things like this from all the readers. What a fantastic, simple idea.
Visit Dear Photograph by clicking here.


Eva Gallant June 24, 2011 at 7:51 PM  

What a neat idea. Going to visit the website now.

Michelle June 25, 2011 at 9:42 AM  

what an awesome site... ill be sharing it with my friends as well!

i remember the beginning of this post... like a deja vu. :)

i love it! thanks


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