"There's a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out." -Lou Reed

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Year in the Making

What does it mean to love someone? Poets, authors, scholars, and songwriters have been asking that question and trying to answer it for centuries. Does it mean all the things the Hallmark cards say? Does it mean different things to different people?
For me, there are few examples out there, and I do lose heart a little bit. I was a romantic at one point in my life, and somewhere along the way became a cynic.
But I know one love story to be true. Matt Logelin loved his wife Liz. This isn't a sappy-mushy love story, but instead one of those that makes you think soulmates are possible, and that really good guys do exist.
Sadly, Matt an Liz didn't have their completely happy ending. As many of you know that follow Matt's blog, Liz died one day after giving birth to their daughter Madeline last year. But in that year, so many of us have followed Matt's words as he grieved, cried, hurt and triumphed, and in the meantime, raised his daughter. He also started a foundation in his wife's name. His words are always profound or funny, witty or painful, but his love of Liz is impossible to miss. He loved her every year he was with her, and recalls their life with such tenderness, and his loss with such magnitude.
The video above was posted on his blog--a photographer friend of his took her one-year photos, as her husband took video shots to make the short film above. I have watched it several times (you HAVE to have the sound on--it makes it), and I am so happy to see Matt so happy, and to see the love between him and Madeline. (It also makes me ache to be a better photographer! Gina is amazing!)


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