"There's a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out." -Lou Reed

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In a Fog

There are so many days when I think longingly of Paris, but there are many days when I feel the same about San Francisco. I lived in the Bay Area for four years, and it was such an exciting time in my life and an important time in my career.
I made the decision to move out to California almost at the drop of a hat, and everyone thought I was nuts. I hadn't mentioned even considering moving there, but a job opportunity happened, and I went out for a few days to interview (without telling anyone) and they hired me, and two weeks later, I was driving cross country. The job I took ended up being such a stepping stone--a career-building decision for me. I still can't believe I took such a risk (it's not like me), but I am ever so thankful that I did.
I took for granted living in such a magical place, though. I can understand looking back, because I was focused on my career. And, I did enjoy living there and I explored and saw everything. But, I just didn't really realize how fortunate I was to live there, and really soak that in when I was there. I also thought I would always live there. And then, 9-11 happened.
The dot com bust was already beginning, but when 9-11 happened, the layoffs really started. When I finally got laid off, I was devastated, but thought somehow, I would be OK. I stayed in California for another 4 months before I was completely broke and had to come back to NC and live with my parents and recover financially. (and then moved to DC for 4 years and now back to NC!)
But, when I see certain pictures of San Francisco, or the areas I lived there, I will actually feel my stomach drop--it is almost a physical pain of missing that area... that place... that time. The air there is almost always heavy, almost damp--living by the bay does that-- but I loved it. It never got HOT there like it does here in the south and there was something sweet to me about the air.
I worked in Berkeley when I first moved there, and that was such a treat. Walking out the door every day was like an adventure. Every imaginable variety of food was available in one of 100 (or so it seemed) restaurants within walking distance of my office...and I think I tried them all. One of every type of person was also walking around, and it was all part of the crazy quilt pattern that was Berkeley.
But, most of all, you were never more than an hour's drive away from some amazing hidden gem of beauty--Half Moon Bay, Inverness, Sausalito, Capitola...and the drive to get there was breathtaking.
I think I start dreaming of other places when I am having hard days at work, or when I am just longing to wander...but even in my most content moments, I long for two places...Paris, of course, and San Francisco.

-Kim >^..^<


Cassandra February 26, 2008 at 11:05 PM  

Let's plan a San Fran trip! I don't really like Rice a Roni...but whatever.
Right now www.skybus.com is only going from Greensboro to LA-- but maybe they will add more cities out west. Check it out anyway--lots of cheap flights!

Paula March 1, 2008 at 1:18 AM  

Oooh can I live the trip through you guys? I know I'll never travel overseas :( so this is the only way it will happen for me! I must say there are places here in Aus. that really keep pulling us back too - we love the peace and quiet of the country and the outback.


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