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Saturday, February 23, 2008

By Request

Several of my friends have requested updated pictures of Baxter, as I have commented lately on how gorgeous he has become. I hate that my camera can't capture just how adorable I think he is. His personality is so unique. I always say he is the happiest little animal I have ever seen. He romps around the house and just enjoys every minute. Unlike any other cat that I have EVER known, he NEVER hisses or spits, even when he is playing rough with Lilly. It's like he is just too happy!

I thought this morning as he pounced my head at 7:00am sharp, his morning wake-up ritual, that I cannot remember when he wasn't a part of our little family. I am quite sure Lucy can! She has never warmed to him.

Lilly is back to her old self, we are doing fluid treatments at the vet, and she is going to get an ultrasound in late March. Then, she will probably have to have surgery, but she is doing just fine. Her favorite activity (besides torturing Baxter) is chasing my toes under the covers at night.

We are all currently snuggled on the couch--the purring times three is so loud it makes me laugh.

Life is good.

-Kim >^..^<


Anonymous,  February 23, 2008 at 2:51 PM  

i want to play with baxter
love spencer.


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