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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Dog Named Patrick

Last month, a severely emaciated, abused and neglected pit bull was found in the trash at a New Jersey housing complex. A janitor heard his cries and called for help. The dog had been put in a garbage bag and thrown 19 stories down a trash chute.

The dog was taken to Associated Humane Societies, and then transferred to Garden State Veterinary Specialists, an emergency veterinary hospital. It was the night before St. Patrick’s Day, and the doctors and staff named him Patrick.

This is a photo of Patrick on the night he was brought in. (I struggled with posting this photo on my blog. I know it is graphic in nature, but I figure if Patrick can live through what he did, we can all handle seeing this photo.)

I was working and on my computer a few days after this had happened, and someone on Facebook shared the story. When I clicked the link, the horror of the picture above and other pictures included took my breath away. My husband asked repeatedly, “What’s wrong? Honey, what is it?” before I could even say anything. I was crying before I knew it. I could not believe this dog was even alive.

Here is one of the most recent photos of him. Look at the difference a few weeks makes—under excellent care!

I have seen and heard countless stories of animal abuse and neglect, but because of the extreme nature of this case, I was even more distraught than usual. Stories like this, and stories of child abuse, can get me to a place where I am sick with disgust, and can’t get the victims out of my mind. Apparently, I am not alone.

The good news in this case is that so many people have seen these pictures and are equally appalled. Facebook pages in Patrick’s honor have quickly counted thousands of “likes”.  Newspapers all over the world are covering this case, and the Garden State Veterinary Specialists hospital has been almost overwhelmed by concerned callers, emails, and gifts sent to Patrick. Very quickly, all of Patrick’s medical care was covered (and then some)—and GSVS actually put out a notice asking people to donate to the Associated Humane Societies, or their local shelters.

I believe this little being’s legacy will be the awareness that has come about because of his suffering. I know there are people out there who were truly unaware that anyone could do such a thing to an animal, or that the laws are so slight regarding animal abuse.

The sad and horrible truth is that this kind of thing happens all the time. More than we can imagine. Most cases go almost unnoticed, or the animals die and no one ever knows the truth. 

I am sure that thousands of people have applied to adopt Patrick, and as part of his legacy, I hope these people and thousands of others go to a shelter and rescue one of the other Patricks out there. I love thinking that hundreds or thousands of animals will be saved because of one pup’s fight to stay alive, against the odds.

I struggle all the time to think of ways I can help more. For now, I am just giving all my rescue animals—Lilly, Lucy, Baxter, and Bear-- all the love they can handle.

Here are links to recent articles:

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And a link to The GSVS Animal Hospital’s Facebook Page, who have provided such amazing care for Patrick (you can follow their updates on his care).


Eva Gallant April 9, 2011 at 8:28 AM  

What a horrible story...but thank goodness for the happy ending!

Natasha April 9, 2011 at 8:43 AM  

That is utterly terrible!

The picture also stole my breath, left me open mouthed and brought tears to me eyes.

I'm so glad he's on the mend and that a loving family will get him.

I know I shouldn't but I can't help wishing horrible things on the person/people that did that to him.

Kym April 9, 2011 at 11:59 AM  

I, too, saw this on FB from a friend who is a supporter of the humane society. I still suck in my breath when I see that first image after Patrick was found and my heart just sinks knowing that someone out there did such a horrible act to an animal. How this can happen in our society is beyond me....where I work at, we take our artists to volunteer at the local humane society once a week. The stories of the dogs and cats that come in there just break my heart. One awesome fellow was dumped in a field after being cared for by his owners for 6 years because he had hip problems. What the owners failed to remember was that they had a chip in him and the Humane Society called them to say that had found their dog. The owners said that they dumped him because they could not afford the vet bills for the hip surgery. Well good for them, because of their action, this gentle giant found a loving home with my co-worker and gets treated with lots of love and attention. I, too, have a rescue and we just love, love, love this little girl....she is spoiled, feed, ears rubbed daily....has lots and lots of rope toys to play with...and never has to worry that she will be abused again! As for those out there that think animals are just a dime a dozen and throw them away when they are done....karma does some horrible things....

Pat April 9, 2011 at 7:35 PM  

I am so glad that Patrick made it and that some good came out of such a horrible story. I can't imagine the monstrosity of a person who could do that to an animal!

Daisy April 10, 2011 at 9:05 AM  

We have been following Patrick's story and are so happy he is doing so much better. Patrick has touched so many, and I think he will help bring awareness to other furries who are still suffering.


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