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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Anne-Julie Aubry

I am a big fan of Etsy, and I can easily spend an afternoon browsing through all the beautiful and unique creations from people around the world. All the items are hand crafted, so it is a wonderful site for artists to display their handiwork, who might not otherwise have an opportunity to showcase and sell their items.

During one of my afternoons of browsing last year, I came upon Anne-Julie Aubry's work. Her whimsical and sometimes dark illustrations pulled me in and I have become a big fan, checking for new pieces from her all the time. I ordered a few postcard prints from her last year, and they are lovely in little frames scattered around my house. Also, she is from France, so this endears her to me even more! When I received my order from her, she included a few little extras, and the sweetest hand decorated thank you note. In the age of things ordered online arriving with only a packing slip (if you are lucky), it was just such a nice reminder of how special ordering from an artist like this can be.

She also has a website and a blog, so take a peek! (Her blog is especially fun!)


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