"There's a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out." -Lou Reed

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Got Hope?

I sent this blog to several of you to read, with a warning to grab a hanky. The link I gave you then and the one I refer to now, is the beginning. If you haven't read it yet, here's the story: A wonderful couple from Los Angeles--so young (30)--who met and fell in love in high school in Minneapolis are expecting a child. The husband, Matt, starts a blog to chronicle this new event, this new person coming into their lives. Then, the saddest thing, it takes your breath away, a day after the baby is born via c-section, Liz, the mother, dies.
So you may be thinking-- WHY would I want to read something so sad?
Because, it is sad, but it is also beautiful, and more hopeful than anything I have read in a long time. Because lately, I turn on the news and watch things or read things that make me wonder who we are all becoming...just as a human race. Have we lost our ability to feel empathy, to reach out even though it might not be "politically correct", but is the morally, compassionate, HUMAN thing to do?
And then there is this blog. This widowed husband who now has a preemie newborn to raise, all while trying to grieve for the love of his life. First, Matt's writing is amazing--sparse but powerful. And he makes you believe that there are really men out there that are decent, moral, kind, and who did take the wedding vows to heart, he FELT them. He loved this woman.
Second, what has gotten to me, reached me even more, is the outpouring of love sent to Matt and his daughter Madeline. Moms reaching out from across the country, across the world, to offer tips as he struggles with diapers, fussy baby nights, and all the things he wasn't planning on handling alone. He is so open to anyone contacting him, leaving messages and sharing with him. In a time when we have all grown jaded, it is nice to see someone in the middle of a personal bittersweet battle, able to be so open. The cynic in me thinks, I hope he is being careful, with all the crazies out there that might contact and/or bother him. But so far, so good. No...so amazing. So, long story short, the amazing words, gifts, thoughts, and comfort passed on to this man from strangers, has given me some hope that we all haven't lost our moral compass, or our ability to reach out--even when it feels a little uncomfortable or vulnerable--all in the name of helping someone. This gift, pictured below, in particular, touched me. Someone from the UK made this little set of wooden dolls and sent them to Matt. Note Liz's angel wings.

The link I have provided starts from the beginning, and there's a lot to read. But, it is so worth it. And, Madeline is just gorgeous.
Click here to visit Matt's blog. There is also an amazing picture montage set to music that was taken by a photographer who heard about his story and offered to come and do a shoot for free. What amazing pictures. Turn up the sound on your computer--the song is so lovely--and perfect for this collection of photos.
I didn't know Liz, I only know her through the photos on Matt's site, and his beautiful stories of her. But somehow, I think she would have loved all this. Matt said she impacted people's lives so strongly her whole life, and in a way, through her two loves, she still is.



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