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Friday, May 9, 2008

Yo Mamma...is funny

I was reading an online article from Newsweek, and they featured a blog called: Postcards from Yo Mama. http://www.postcardsfromyomomma.com/. The site lists funny emails and IMs from moms to their kids (mostly daughters). This particular site just cracks me up, because I can see my mom (and her emails and IMs) in so many of the postings. It made me laugh to read them, but also to realize that mothers out there are a lot alike. (as are daughters, I guess). You have to visit the site, but here are a few that Newsweek picked as their faves, that also got me to go to the site:

"Call me. I suffer," writes one mom.

And another: "tell me about face book. do you have a page on it? can anyone look at your page? I am worried about this type of thing."

Then there's the short, but direct variety: "std's are on the rise. love, mom."

Have fun in Houston . Keep in touch with your strawberry

***good news!Our insurance covers : THE HPV VACCINATION.but, this is NOT a license to have wild, unprotected sex, y'know!! hehehhehehee.xox,mom

Mom: hi kid. on the way to jumble java, i started crying. the kids are moving in to the dorms today and i saw a dad hugging his daughter goodbye and i lost it. that feeling never goes away. :( mom
Me: don't be lame, mom
Mom: i hope i live long enough to see you experience the same feeling. and i'm not lame.
Me: well at the rate i'm going, i doubt you'll be around to see my kids go to college. even if i do have some, they'll have three heads because i won't have them until i'm 50.
Mom: well then it will be three times as hard to say goodbye.

***Dad and I deposited some money into your bank account since it looks like you blew your last paycheck at H&M.

me: mother?
mom: Hey Jenna
me: Look at you on Gmail!
mom: How did this happen?
me: How did what happen?
mom: How did you know I was on Gmail? and I didn't know it had IM.
me: I am something of a genius, mom.

... I heard on the radio that people can google themselves. I've done a lot of things to myself before, but I've never googled myself.

I love you. I will pray for you. Be sure and take some kind of i.d. so if your plane crashes and burns they will know who to call. Hope you do that on all your trips anyway. That way if I don't get a dreadful call, I will know you are just fine and happy.

Me: Do you read my blog? I can track who is reading it and I think you may be. Me no likey mother.
Mom: What's a blag?
Me: It is a sin to lie. Don't play coy with me!! Are you reading my "online journal"?
Mom: I barely have time to call you! I don't know how to do my space or whatever it is. You may recall that when I asked you about how it worked, you never showed me.


me: hi mom
mom: hi pookie...i just booked tickets for zumanity. miss you
me: What is zumanity?
mom: it is a very erotic show that explores sexuality. hopefully dad will enjoy it. Lol. it is at new york new york where we are stayingme: oh dear lord. does dad know about this?
mom: yeah....it explores gay stuff too. he he. he shold be ok...there are boobs in it too. zumanity.com
me: well i can't click on that right now because i'm at work
mom: oh...maybe later then

Lazy boy,I was very surprised to hear your message last night. I already forgot I still have a son in Chicago.

I was in the car listening to the radio, and who is this "shorty" they keep talking about in rap songs?


Cassandra May 9, 2008 at 10:33 PM  

If they have a decent censor, I can load some from my mom--hahahaha!

Paula... May 10, 2008 at 3:41 AM  

ROFL well at least I'm safe, my mum doesn't even know how to send an email let alone an SMS or anything remotely technical.


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