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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vegas, baby

I have spent that last week in Las Vegas for a tradeshow for Event and Marketing Professionals--it is called ExhibitorShow and is run by the folks behind Exhibitor Magazine. The show has been around for 20 years, and is really fantastic as far as offering great courses for marketers and event professionals and also offers a tradeshow floor with vendors that offer products and services especially for people with jobs like mine.
The last time I went to this show was about 10 years ago, and the only reason I haven't been back was just job changes, moving, etc. Since then, the show and exhibit floor has grown so much. The courses I took were so helpful. The exhibit floor was amazing as I found so many products and services that were applicable to us, and it was great to see everything first hand.
Usually, I am setting up booths for shows, as we (my company) are exhibitors at shows, and we always offer nice giveaways like iPods or Nintendo Wiis. But, I can never be eligible to win anything at our shows, and the other companies are always giving away nice stuff, too. But at this show, I was an attendee, so it was a whole different ball game! I was eligible to win everything! Now, I have never won anything like this in my life, so I knew the odds weren't in my favor.
All of the exhibiting companies sent us pre-show emails and mailers ahead of time, and one company sent us an email saying we could win $25,000! Stacey, who works for me, sent the funniest response to that email saying, "Let's be sure and go to THIS booth!"
We actually did go there, and I entered the drawing. The drawing was just the first step--three people would be chosen in the drawing, then one person would go on to "play" for the big money. They drew the three names and they drew mine FIRST! I was so shocked--I have never won any kind of drawing. Then, the three of us had little mini-suitcases we had to turn over to reveal numbers. The person holding the suitcase with the largest number got to play. Mine had the largest number!!!!
At this point, I had to turn around to the huge game board and pick out some envelopes to play a poker hand. But as I was preparing, the host of the game said-- "You realize you are already a $500 winner, right?" I turned into a Price is Right goofball--and said "No, I did NOT!!!"
I didn't end up winning any additional money, but $500 on the first day was a great win. I was giddy.
I also later won an iPod Touch in another drawing. It was surreal. I had a great time in Vegas, and I am not a gambler at all!
In addition, a few of the other vendors there were for some entertainment services you could provide at your events, and one of the companies was called Dancing Heads. They do a sort of Green Screen transformation, plopping your head onto characters. You can see yourself as you do it, so you can add the appropriate facial expressions. I was a little punchy when we did the one featured below, (my co-worker Kathleen is in it with me) it was the last day and the last few hours of the exhibits. It makes me laugh, though, and this would be fun for our company events, I think. I have the end results of another vendor that I will show in another posting.


Cassandra March 13, 2008 at 9:52 PM  

makes me want a peanut butter and nanner samich...

This was GREAT!!! I think you guys could go pro!

Paula... March 15, 2008 at 4:53 AM  

Bummer I missed the boat on the this one :( The video is no longer available :((

Sounds like you had a super fab time Kim - how awesome to win the $500 and the Ipod - all good things dome to those that wait :)


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