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Saturday, December 29, 2007

News before the New Year

I haven't updated in forever, and I hate for this to be the reason. But, during my time off from work, I have noticed that Lilly hasn't been herself. Thinking back now, she hasn't totally been herself for a few weeks, but I got really concerned on Thursday. So, we went to the vet on Friday, and they gave her some fluids and did some bloodwork.

I was relieved when last night, she perked up, and seemed like my Lilly again. Then, the vet called this morning, and I knew from the tone in her voice that something wasn't right. Lilly has always only had one working kidney, and it appears that her other kidney may be failing. The reason she perked up last night, was that the fluids help--temporarily.

This COULD be a fluke and she COULD be fine. But, I have never seen her act as sick as she did on Thursday, and my instincts tell me this is not good. If her kidney is failing, there isn't much we can do, there are some medications, but nothing that will make a huge difference long term.

We go back on January 8th for more bloodwork and we'll know then.

I love all my kitties, but Lilly is special. She has always been her own little person, defiant and utterly entertaining and loving. I have been upset all day. She is only 7 years old.

What a way to ring in the New Year.

Anyway, that's all for now, and I will keep you posted.

Kim >^..^<



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