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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Some like it HOT!

I just got back from traveling too much for work! But both were great trips, actually. The first was an internal event in Charleston, SC we have been planning since April--at least. It was a trip for about 70 of the employees (located on the east coast) and their families. We had about 130 people there. I must have some kind of sickness, because as stressful as these things are, I still love watching it all come together.
It was also fun to see everyone outside of the normal office setting--with their kids, and to meet some folks I had only emailed with. Everyone seemed to have fun-- but it was HOT in Charleston, even moreso than usual. It was a good thing we had a pool there...
Right before everything got started in Charleston, the first night, I realized I had about an hour. My hair has been driving me crazy (as it does always) and I called the concierge and asked if they could recommend somewhere super close that wouldn't ruin my hair. (I haven't had time to get my hair cut!) Long story short...I got the best haircut I have had in forever. The guy gave me a heart attack because he literally whacked more than a few inches without asking. (he said if he had asked I would have said no, and he knew what was best). Anyway, I am love it--and I always hate my hair. I may have to drive to Charleston every month to get him to cut it...but I can always find a reason to go to Charleston....
I got back late Saturday night and then only a few short hours later, I flew to Phoenix for a tradeshow. With one of my former companies, we used to do a lot of golf events in Phoenix, and I had forgotten how great the resort hotels are there. The one we stayed in-- and where the show took place--put them all to shame. It was unbelievable. AND, it had a Kinkos and a Starbucks INSIDE the hotel, a marketing person's dream!
Seeing the landscape in Phoenix always reminds me of my first trip across the country, when I was moving from Atlanta to California...really starting my career. My favorite part of the drive was through Arizona, the sunsets took my breath away!
All is well here--Baxter had to go to the vet today, but he was great-- he charmed everyone. Our new vet, the nicest man, was cradling Baxter like a baby and cooing at him. Needless to say, Baxter thought this whole vet thing was great! (he didn't even seem to mind his shots). I will post some new pictures of him tomorrow.


Cassandra August 19, 2007 at 9:32 PM  

Great pictures!

(post one of your new hair cut!)


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